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I am a mentor for coaches/mentors, healers and experts in how to build their own aligned and highly engaged audiences on social media to grow their business, get recognised as experts in their field through their personal brands and magnetise more soul mate clients connections.

By learning how to do this effortlessly and sustainably for myslf first, I was able to pivot from being a freelance fashion stylist and influencer to having a thriving online business making multiple
5-figure income in two years.

Hey love, I'm Farah

I'm a storyteller.
A visual brand artist.
Aesthetics are my love language.
I have lived so many lives as a 3/5 profile in HD and an
emotional generator. 

After 8 years of being online, and a ton of trial and error in growth strategies, I grew my social media following from 5K to 30K followers in a matter of months in 2020.

What's your magic?


My clients work with me to take their personal brand and social media to the next level.

We illuminate their genius, and align it with their visual branding and market their beautiful services through their copy and content. 

Curious how it looks for you?

Your Personal Brand & image is your shop window,
it speaks for you

It's an honour walking beside my soul fractal clients. We go deep into branding work, identity, visual representation of you as a personal brand, style & image, and learning the ins and outs of social media to leverage reach and impact on your social media platform of choice.

1: 1 VIP  Mentoring

Thinking of your next brand shoot? One of my favourite things in the world is to bring in my client's next level selves from the vortex, and along with my A-list team on set we make it a reality. With the utmost dedication and atttention to detail, our brand shoots are the most opulent, relaxing, luxe, unforgettable, embodiment experience

Luxe Personal  Brand Shoot

Embody Your Soul Brand is for the woman who wants to feel embrace herself in confidence to post, and show up online empowered and fearless with no force, and completely aligned with WHO she is in their image and messaging, not only HOW to do this...

Hybrid 1:1 Group Coaching

Start your journey...

Join the Golden Vortex

The three essential things you need to do to gain momentum and clarity on growing a stand-out personal brand, visual and in your content by being NO ONE BUT YOU.

CAPTURE attention through your genuine, heartfelt stories to connect to the hearts of your soulmate clients.

CRACK the code on magnetising the right audience with your captivating visuals.

INCREASE engagement on your posts and show up empowered online through getting clear on your unique GENIUS and how to share it online.

How to capture YOU
in your personal branding

You are invited
If affects your legacy,
potential clients finding you,
how your children see women,
your fulfilment of your soul's path,
and your divine mission

By not being brave enough to share our gifts, be seen,
and recognized in our genius...


Joanne Cooper

I'm just much more comfortable with myself really, I'm much more comfortable with what I'm putting out there. It's increased my confidence. I think just when you prioritize yourself like that, that real feeling of, you're worth it.

Working with you is just totally the icing on the cake goes it's such a much deeper level. But the stuff that you put out in the group is still so so valuable. Even after doing the one to one, you know, I still find that really beneficial because they remind you as much as anything, you know, it just just helps to keep focus.

"I could see so clearly why I felt that I should work with you. I've got so much out of it"


Helena Zachariassen

I was more under the impression that I will get a calendar and I will know more about what to post and these kind of like the doer things, the things you expect from from working with the brand coach. 

But then again, I got so much more I think we were talking about spiritual things and we got into to all of the things that kind of leads you to, who are you as your brand and it was much much deeper.  

This is a process that, of course doesn't happen overnight. So I think in terms of if you're looking for someone to just help you with with the content calendar, then working with you is not the right way to go. 

Because it started a roller coaster, or maybe not a roller coaster, but I'm gonna say avalanche, yeah, kind of got the ball rolling. And it's still rolling. And I think that's the beauty of it that you don't know where it takes you.

"most of it surprised me in a positive way... I probably didn't expect most of it to take place"


Anna Fryxelius

I realized at the time like I do have a personal brand, but no strategy like it's completely random what people see now… I need to get professional about my brand. 
My life story and my life is such an integral part of my business as a health coach, like healing myself to help heal others is my my brand and my mission.
I didn't feel safe before working with Farah, like I didn't know where to start.

You said it was possible to learn how to be authentic online and attract customers by being myself and having a personal brand. 

I feel so much more confident now about how to present myself in social media....I didn't have any clients coming from social media before working with you. For this last week, I made clients worth $5,000 Just because of my Instagram posts. And I only have 400 followers on Instagram.

"It's just so huge for me,...these are the first clients I got through my social media posts"


Working out how to present yourself on social media? Learn:
1. What is your GENIUS?
2. How to create content that speaks to this and share offers?
3. An aligned social media strategy, and tried and tested hacks. 

How to Capture You in your personal brand


We women often leave our personal style on the back burner. Thinking "one day I'll get around to it" ...
I've noticed as a business owner, the way you dress affects our confidence, the way we show up and is part of our personal brand's image. 

Personal Style Consultation


My most POPULAR service! The core gold of what I do in my private 1:1 clients.
I channel content for your social media. You can use for your marketing, websites, offers. Messages that resonate + connect to your soulmate client's hearts and souls.

1:1 Intensive: Content Channeling


If not now then when...